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Our Services

Real Estate

At Cardwell | Noyce, P.A., we represent businesses and individuals in commercial and residential real estate matters, both large and small. Our clients range from real estate brokers and agents to real estate trade associations, Home Owners Associations, investors, individual home buyers and national lending institutions. We represent our clients in relation to any and all real estate related matters. Here are a just a few of the real estate related services we offer:

  • Default services
  • Tax Sale Title Clearance
  • Contract preparation and review
  • Landlord/Tenant actions
  • Title/Curative work
  • Home Owner’s Association (HOA) / Condominium Association Representation
  • Land Dispute Resolution
  • Bankruptcy


Estate Planning/Probate

Estate Planning is now more essential than ever. If you don’t want the government to dictate who controls your assets and who will have custody of your children a formal estate plan must be put in place. There are several viable solutions available that can easily be put in place to make sure your interests are being protected even after death.

At the Law Firm of Cardwell | Noyce, P.A. we listen to our client’s needs and build customized estate planning depending on the specific details of our client’s financial and personal situations. No one estate plan is right for everyone which is why we strive to create the best possible estate plan for each customer that walks through our doors.  For instance, a young family with a child may be better suited to execute a simple will indicating who will take care of the child in the event of the parent’s death whereas an older established family may be better suited to form a living trust in which to place assets for distribution after death. Each scenario has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the customer. We offer free initial consultations in person or over the phone in which we can review your situation and advise you of the best plan for your individual situation.

Our estate planning services include:

  • Will Preparation
  • Trust Preparation
  • Powers of Attorney Documents Including Medical Directives
  • Probate Actions

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Phone: (913) 912-1264



Business Law/Corporate Law

Business owners know the importance of practical, educated experience when dealing with the complexities of business and corporate law. From the biggest corporations to the smallest family-owned ventures, every company can benefit from professional legal counsel for business planning, operational support and employment issues.

The law firm of Cardwell | Noyce, P.A. can help your business with a variety of legal services including:

  • Incorporation
  • Shareholder and Member Agreements
  • Corporate Governance, Directors and Officers Liability
  • Employment & Management Agreements
  • Partner & Shareholder Disputes
  • Employment Law/Employee Claims


Adminstrative Law/Licensing Issues

When you receive a license in your chosen profession, you’re considered legally competent to practice that particular occupation, as long as you comply with the applicable laws and rules that govern your occupation.

Your license for your chosen occupation allows you to make a living at the occupation you worked so hard to be licensed in. Unfortunately the smallest misstep or administrative error can leave you in the position of having your license suspended or worse yet taken away all together.

At Cardwell | Noyce, P.A. we work to protect your license by fighting for your rights and working with the applicable licensure board to help you keep your license and your livelihood.

Numerous occupations are subject to regulation by their own licensing agencies, those bodies created by statute and empowered to monitor licenses and conduct proceedings. Licensed professionals have a vested interest in their license, and have a right to due process in actions affecting its status and validity.

Administrative law can be much different than the judicial system. If your license for your particular occupation is in jeopardy call Cardwell | Noyce, P.A., today for a free consultation.


Criminal Defense

Made a mistake or being accused of a crime you did not commit?  Contact our firm for a free consultation.  Please visit: or

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