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Administrative Law

Administrative Law

When you receive a license in your chosen profession, you’re considered legally competent to practice that particular occupation, as long as you comply with the applicable laws and rules that govern your occupation.

Your license for your chosen occupation allows you to make a living at the occupation you worked so hard to be licensed in. Unfortunately the smallest misstep or administrative error can leave you in the position of having your license suspended or worse yet taken away all together.

At Cardwell | Noyce, P.A. we work to protect your license by fighting for your rights and working with the applicable licensure board to help you keep your license and your livelihood.

Numerous occupations are subject to regulation by their own licensing agencies, those bodies created by statute and empowered to monitor licenses and conduct proceedings. Licensed professionals have a vested interest in their license, and have a right to due process in actions affecting its status and validity.

Administrative law can be much different than the judicial system. If your license for your particular occupation is in jeopardy call Cardwell | Noyce, P.A., today for a free consultation.